BOTTER Chatbot

For The Automotive Industry

BOTTER Automotive Chatbot is packed with a set of features that are focused on the Automotive industry and serves it in different areas such as car brands, car dealerships, sales lead generation and post purchase & support

Build An Exceptional Automotive Chatbot With BOTTER

According to PWC "42% of consumers already use digital assistants, while 72% of business execs and 53% of millennials are using them"

Leads Generation

Keep your website visitors Engaged and draw their attention by answering all their questions and providing them with expert advice, car information and details, pricing and financing options integrating their information to your CRM for your sales representatives to start engaging with them reaching out to more potential leads

Maintenance Booking

Provide a seamless experience for your customers during booking their service appointment, directing them the closest service center location, service details and costs and much more

Car Buying Assistance

BOTTER automotive chatbot enables you to engage with your potential customers in realtime understanding their needs, preferences, and budget. Providing them with the recommended car, financing options and catalogs using your brand tone of voice helping your brand to acquire more customers

Post-purchase Support

Assist your customers to make the right post-purchase decision in a unique personalized way, answer their FAQ help them choose the best accessory, advice about their car servicing and maintenance, trade-in options, loyalty program, owners events with a chatbot based AI that learns new questions through realtime customers interactions.

24/7 Emergency Support

Assist your customers 24/7 around the clock emergency, road assistance and provide them with the relevant emergency guidance, building more credibility to your brand and dealership enabling you to reach out for your customers anywhere at any point of time

Personalized Customer Experience

Provide your customers with personalized customer experience as BOTTER engine learns from their frequent records and preferences. Enriching their experience with more personalized questions and inquires



Why BOTTER for your Enterprise

According to Forbes Insights “More than half (62%) of Middle Eastern executives believe AI is emerging rapidly in their industry  and about 88% of them believes that chatbots are essential to their digital transformation and to improve customer experience."

Onpremise & cloud Deployment

Capability to deploy the chatbot on premise or on your organization private cloud meeting all your organization security standards

Advanced Arabic NLP & NLU

Leveraging the power of Arabic NLP and NLU technologies, our STEMMER solution has decreased the chatbot time to market by 75% and increasing the word spotting accuracy by 13%

Various Integration Points

otter come with various Pre-built API's to integrate with your CRM platforms and other channels to fully utilize the data and enhance your organization performance

Analytics and Reports

View & export reports at the palm of your hands with all the essential insights numbers of active users, time record, active sessions and many more

Swiftly Build, design and deploy an enterprise-grade

chatbot with BOTTER

Drive your organizations' digital transformation and build your own enterprise chatbot now